Top 10 Free iPad Apps for Toddlers


Yes, we understand it: You’d want to start the year right and pinch as much dollars as possible. No, you’re not being stingy. You’re being practical. This year 2014 is still yours for the taking.


Why pay for iPad apps when you can get them for free? But on another aspect – an important one – if it’s for your toddler, quality needs not be sacrificed. So here’s the top 10 free – as in totally, guaranteed – best iPad apps any Mom or Dad or sister or Aunt can give to the very young.

So hop on, let those Cupertino-inspired gadgets out, that dynamic and ever-adorable i-tablet with its sleek iPad mini keyboard case, and let the show begin.

#1 – Animal Memory Game HD (Age 4+)

For starters, this one is a great memory enhancer or developer if you prefer to coin it that way. The game is simple: Animals do one of four actions when touched allowing your kid to choose which is the same as which.

#2 – Color Drops (4+)

It’s easy to find coloring apps. The problem is most of them are just too advanced for young minds. This one simple yet provides a apt challenge. Though you may have to pay for some pages, your child will have 200+ pages, wonderful options to choose from.

#3- Peekabo Goes Camping (4+)

From the onset, this one contains Peekabo, the ever-popular character from the TV series. This one is a pleasant surprise for your toddler as he does “peek-a-boo”, trying to figure the spot where the Peekaboo is bound to appear next. It’s easy for your young one to scream as he moves from one surprise to another.

#4 – Laugh & Learn Let’s Count Animals (4+)

Laugh & Learn series will wow you. This one gets your child to count up to 10 but what makes it special (and all in its series) is the iPad app is able to cut knowledge into chewable chunks that your young mind can take in bite after bite.

And Laugh & Learn does it with all the wonderful animals involved and they’re a lot (e.g., ducks, monkeys, penguins, gorilla, lion, zebra).

#5 – Laugh & Learn Shapes & Colors (4+)

Here’s another must-have fun for your child. This time he is introduced to the world of shapes and colors. Again, Laugh & Learn does it again – not only do your child get a world of colors, he is immersed in the beauty of music.

#6 – Laugh & Learn Animal Sounds (4+)

Another Laugh & Learn series that poised to capture your child’s heart. This one brings your toddler to learn the names of animals and get them acquainted with the noise they make. In no time, he’ll be able to separate a monkey and a lion, or a kangaroo and a horse, just by the sound they make.

#7 – Laugh & Learn Where’s Puppy Nose? (4+)

This app teaches babies and toddlers about different parts of the body (i.e., ears, eyes, mouth, feet, tummy). What makes this app special is the dazzling graphics that captures your child’s imagination making learning easy to grab. 

#8 – VocabuLarry’s Things Go Game (4+)

It’s pretty simple actually: Just 3 things that go and a parrot. But the coordination it brings in as one transport (car, ship, truck) an object to the other side is a wonderful sight to behold – easily a kid favorite.

#9 – Music Sparkles (4+)

This one brings the music to the child without the Junior knowing it. With all the instruments available (guitar, bongo drums, piano, drums) and a choice of backing vocals, your child is bound to look for this game time and again.

#10 – Shapes Game HD (4+) (Baby TV)

For babies who’ve tuned in to Baby TV, this one will immediately turn heads with all the familiar music and that all-familiar pink character.

The object of the game is putting the pictures back together by tapping a shape. It’s going to be one whole separated into many pieces – a fun rollercoaster ride actually.

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