How to wipe iPhone?

You delete the data from your iPhone, and yet, you feel frustrated to see that the deleted data is still traceable. You try all the steps and procedures to delete; nevertheless, you fail to wipe iPhone permanently. What should you do now? Well, what you require is to update your awareness and knowledge about the latest apps available to fully wipe iPhone and delete the data forever. The search history, caches, cookies, bookmarks, browsing history, videos, pictures, call history, deleted data, and Messages, etc. can be all wiped out quite conveniently. If you fear the deletion of some important data, you can keep backups to recover the important data that have been deleted by mistake.


Clear iPhone before the data reaches into some evil or unwanted hands You may be highly excited to sell the present iPhone and get a new one. No one keeps the same iPhone lifelong. The features, facilities and looks of the iPhone keep changing, and it is always good to get and use the latest technology.


Learn to delete everything from the iPhone, It is not at all a difficult task to delete files from iPhone, but you need to learn and know how to delete everything on iPhone before you perform the action of deleting. Once you have created the backup, you can try Safewiper iOS Eraser program to wipe your iPhone clean.

Safewipe iPhone data eraser program can erase everything from your iPhone and make them unrecoverable. It supports scanning all already deleted data and kills them. You can see this how the program delete iPhone photos completely.

It also can scan all of your messages, photos, contacts, history and other data fro iPhone, iPad and iPod.

However, the excitement of selling your iPhone may turn counter if you fail to clear iPhone before giving it into other hands fully. The shrewd people may trace the deleted data on your iPhone. So, please be sure you’ve successfully wiped your iPhone data and make sure your data will not be recovered by any data recovery tools.

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