Pure epicness is the only word to describe Game of Thrones. DB Wiess and David Benioff have created a scintillating marvel of George RR Martins series of books ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.

[quote_left] Astonishing Cinematography [/quote_left]

Never has a novel been depicted with such accuracy and astonishing cinematography as Game of Thrones. To visualize the costumes and the structures of Medieval era is mindboggling itself but to portray the characters in it is the most difficult task which both these creators have accomplished with amazing reality. Set nearly 500 years from the present, Game of thrones is the battle for the seven kingdoms located on the mythical continent of Westeros. The story unravels from time to time showing different parts of this continent where the battle for the Iron Throne continuously rages. Here are 5 reasons why one should watch GOT.

#1 – Screenplay

One can easily assume that Game Of Thrones has one of the best screenplays offered on small screen. The depiction of the characters has led to a worldwide approval, in terms of location, design of medieval buildings and the characters. Nearly each episode has been directed by a different person. The roles of the characters have been completely instilled in the main cast, which is an achievement since the scenario is set nearly 5000 years from the present.

#2 – Costumes and Props

When it came to dressing up the cast of this show, the creators did not even leave an inkling of doubt in the viewer’s mind about the fashion sense in the medieval era.  Such was the precision in the picking of the costumes that not even an iota of modern touch was seen. Viewers were ready to immerse themselves in the show to experience the grandness of the era.

#3 – Star Cast

Sean Bean, most commonly known as Boromir ( from the ‘One Does Not Simply Meme’) of Lord Of the Rings plays the role of Lord Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark in the first season. His acting received many accolades including a nomination for a prime time Emmy award. Peter Dinklage known more often as The Imp plays the role of Tyrrion Lannister and is the main character throughout the series. Emilia Clarke plays the role of Daenerys Targaryen as the mother of dragons who has been exiled across Westeros and is building a strong army to retake the Iron Throne. Peter Dinklage’s acting earned him an Emmy for best actor in a drama series.

#4 – Sword Fighting

One of the main reasons I started to watch game of thrones was because of an infatuation of watching sword fighting. Sword fighting, the only way to fight in the medieval era is also the most awesome way (after light sabres of course :p)and has been depicted with utmost reality as it must have happened in that time. One of the most epic fight to watch out for is between Ser Sandor Cleagane and Beric Dondarrion in the second season.

#5 – Story and Plot

[quote_center] Winter is Coming [/quote_center]

One does not simply hate the story of Game of Thrones. George RR Martin has undoubtedly penned one of the best sellers of all times. The story is continuously interweaving between the Fight for the seven kingdoms, the fight beyond the majestic wall of ice with the white walkers and the rise of Daenerys Targaryen across the narrow seas. To visualize all this in a TV series was made possible by David Benioff and DB Wiess and their determination to provide the audience with one of kind show which did not go amiss.

All in all Game of Thrones is one of the greatest tv shows ever produced. It is also one of the most downloaded TV series in the world. Although with a strong affliction towards nudity and violence, it has an IMDB rating of 9.2 and has received many nominations. A Very amazing show with an even awesome story line and is surely worth a watch. And of course… Winter Is Coming.

  • ValarMorghulis

    ” Medieval” and “5000 years ago” in the same article? You even know the difference? Lol
    Also, Sandor Clegane has always been against knighthood. Read the books, it’s all there. So don’t call him Ser, bro.

  • NO.

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