If you’re using a smartphone, have you found your phone’s battery ever living up to your expectations? We all have seen our smartphone’s battery level drained to 5% by the evening even when your screen was off the entire day. Constant use of heavy battery draining apps, using unnecessary features and keeping GPS, Wi-fi and Bluetooth settings on the entire day are some of the main reasons why the battery drains so quickly.

We bring to you five apps which suck your phone’s battery :

  • Google Maps:  Maps boasts of many features that include turn-by-turn navigation, street view and public transit information in both Android and Apple iOS.  Battery drainage by using Google Maps has been reported by a lot of users. A lot of popular apps including apps for navigation assistance use ‘location check’ settings which has to run your GPS all the time. This excessive battery drainage can be controlled by turning off your location settings when not in use.


  • Facebook/Skype/Twitter: Facebook, Skype and Twitter apps are the most widely used applications on the Android platform as of now. If you do not exit these apps properly they keep running and refreshing in the background as they don’t break the connection to the server. Close the app properly to avoid battery drainage, and choose longer sync intervals.





  • Gaming apps: Be it Temple Run, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja or Candy Crush- all these ‘free’ gaming apps suck out the juice from your battery because they all support sophisticated (3D) graphics and pop-up advertisements. They are the main culprits behind excessive battery drainage Constant use of these apps can destroy your battery life.
  • Google Chrome: Faster, simpler and secure browsing is now possible through the Chrome app. It however, takes a toll on the battery if you surf for a long time or if you leave a web page open for a long time with the screen on. One of the biggest battery hogs out there!
  • Camera: Your phone’s camera will not cause battery drainage unless you use Flash photography and capture a lot of pictures or record a lot of videos. Avoid using the camera and flash when you know you won’t be able to charge your phone for quite sometime.


Tips to Save Your Battery:

  • Switch off your Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS, 3G when not in use.
  • The vibration function uses additional battery. Use only your ringtone.
  • Reduce the brightness of your phone.
  • Avoid using animated backgrounds or moving wallpapers.
  • Use apps like Juice Defender, Tasker, Battery Defender, GO Battery Saver to extend the battery life of your device. Don’t expect much, though.



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