We’ve been covering a lot of Android apps on Yaabot. Our picks range from Security apps to IM clients. Here’s all of them in one place for you:

Top Fives:

Skype for Android

We’ve covered IM clients quiet comprehensively in the past year. While WhatsApp does remain the undisputed king of IM-world, there are plenty of other apps in the fray. Check out our article on Top 5 Alternatives to WhatsApp if you want to switch to excellent clients like Google Hangouts, Viber, and more.

  • Keep in mind to stay away from BlackBerry Messenger though. We at Yaabot are pretty forthcoming about our dislike for BBM. We’re here to convince you not to switch. Check out our post on 5 Reasons You Don’t Need BBM.

  • The classic problem of never having enough battery may never go away – but it can be fixed to large extent. Check out our collection of 5 Apps That Drain Your Battery.


  • Fifa 14 is a delight on Android. Here’s what sets it apart.
  • Boost 2 is another addictive game. It never quite amassed the popularity that a Temple Run or a Flappy Bird got to, but it was a joy to play nevertheless. Check out our review here.

App Development – What’s Next

  • App Development has a bright future ahead. Apps are being improved on everyday – bringing to us even better functionality, and a richer user experience. There are of course, some who say the App bubble may burst, just like the dotcom bubble in the 2000s.

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