We plug in our earphones and listen, at blaring volumes – oblivious to our surroundings. We’re immersed in those capitative lyrics of the song with all that bass and treble. Imagine Dragons’ rock, Colbie Calliat’s sweet voice or the sad softness of Enrique all fit into my playlist. MusiXmatch is an app which gives in to my need and even makes me happy.

Where does MusixMatch Come in?

MusixMatch is available for Android & iOS, and is quite different from other music apps like Play Music. MusixMatch segregates songs based on genre (punk, rock, indie rock, melody and so on) and other categories which are commonly seen in any music player. A major plus is that it supplies lyrics in real-time. MusixMatch appropriately highlights the appropriate portion of the lyrics as you listen the song as well.

Another feature that I particularly liked is that the discography section. Next to the pause/play button there’s another disc shaped icon (perhaps a disc in a bag) which displays the artist’s albums, with all the tracks. Tap, and you can listen to a preview of the song with the lyrics in the background. Plus there are links that connect you to Spotify (not available in India), and the official video of the song.

This feature goes a long way in helping fans discover more music from their favorite artists. MusixMatch lets you sign in with your Google or Facebook account and syncs your favourite artists. The free version is ad-supported, but you can get rid of that with the premium version.

Sing Along


Like Shazam or SoundHound, MusixMatch too allows you to identify songs. The menu holds a “musicID” icon to record the song and identify it. The accuracy is pretty much spot-on, and I’ve added a good number of tracks to my playlist thanks to it.

MusixMatch also allows you to sing along on your favorite songs. Press sing along and if your microphone is amazing (unlike mine), you can hear your own sweet voice (or a bad one) booming in your earphone. 

There’s an equalizer too – allowing you to fine tune your music output just the way you like it.

What’s wrong with MusixMatch though? Well, for starters – there are glitches. I couldn’t see previous for many tracks, and the app crashed ultimately. There are multiple popups asking you to update your library or microphone settings. After a frustrating war with this app, I quietly closed it, or rather allowed it to crash and returned to my text messages. Performance, therefore, is the only major issue with MusixMatch.


If it weren’t for the frequent crashes, I’d recommend this app right away. However, now I’d say you should probably make sure your phone has adequate processing power and memory to run this thing. It’s a great supplement for hardcore music lovers, and those looking to discover new tracks. Given a 4.4 rating in the Play Store and in the Editor’s Pick list, MusixMatch has my support. 

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